Global Risk Political Risk & Trade Credit Vital in an uncertain world where change can be unexpected and rapid.

Nothing stays the same and the world seems to be in a period of instability. In recent years we have witnessed a global credit crisis, sovereign bail-outs, an ongoing geopolitical crisis affecting much of the Middle East and more recently, increased tensions in North Korea. 

When you trade or operate in overseas markets you can be vulnerable and exposed to payment risks and political change.

This can be catastrophic in many instances if contingency plans are not part of your strategic planning

Our specialists are expert at keeping you abreast of the latest market data and trends and the risk mitigation suitable to you.

RFIB is the right choice for robust insurance contracts that respond to the demands of our business.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Corporates, financial institutions 
  • Trade, commodity
  • Export
  • Structured and project finance
  • Trading houses
  • Stocks, fixed assets, and non-payment.
  • Treaty & facultative reinsurance


Despite the burgeoning new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and 3D printing, new sources of growth are yet to emerge, and a new path for the global economy remains elusive.

Xi Jinping, Davos – 2017