Marine Port and Terminals There are distinct advantages to buying a multi-sectional policy.

RFIB can arrange Multi-sectional Port and Terminal Insurance across both marine and shore-based interests using the specialist wordings issued by the major international insurers.

Our ‘one stop’ shop approach has been formulated to meet industry demands and has led to us establishing a specialist Port Industry Unit comprising a professional and highly skilled team that offer a complete broking service from risk assessment to fast claims payout.

This makes life easier for clients who also benefit from our long-term, and possibly unrivalled, relationships and links with the renowned London market

  • Liability
    – Care, Custody and Control of cargo
    – Removal of Wreck & Debris
    – Third Party Death/Bodily Injury
    – Liabilities to Authorities
  • All Risks for Port/Terminal Property 
  • All Risks for Port/Terminal Handling Equipment
  • Business Interruption

Extensions available

  • Liability
    – Wrongful Delivery of Cargo
    – Infringement of Personal Rights
    – Fire
    – Fines and Duty
    – Advice and Information
  • All Risks for Property/Handling Equipment
    – Earthquake
  • All Risks on Port/Terminal Craft

It is the Company culture that gives us the edge. We guarantee you unrivalled levels of service, support and dedication from the team which will enable us to build a strong long term relationship.

Martyn Lassman, Director