Reinsurance Treaty Reinsurance Seriously responsible when it comes to taking on your risk

The very nature of catastrophe means that when an event might occur is largely unknown. Natural disasters pose a constant threat to insurers’ aggregated exposure.

At RFIB we help clients’ to cede some of their risk to us to free up risk capacity and to protect themselves from claims of high severity.

At RFIB the global spread of our portfolio enables us to harness knowledge and experience gained in a variety of different areas for the benefit of clients in specific territories.

We handle all forms of proportional and excess of loss reinsurance – structured both on a traditional basis – for all classes of property and casualty business.

In addition to fulfilling a conventional transactional broking role, we provide risk consultancy and advisory services.

We are able to offer analytical modelling services to review current reinsurance portfolios and provide fresh and objective structures tailored to a client’s individual needs and evolving business environment.

Our client base includes insurers, reinsurers, captives and underwriting managers and spans both the UK and international marketplaces.

Most importantly we look for long term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Our areas of expertise include:

Insurance coverage
All forms of proportional and excess of loss reinsurance for all classes of property and casualty business, marine, personal accident, life, motor and agriculture.

Reinsurance Treaty

  • Proportional Treaties
    – Quota share
    – Surplus
    – Facultative obligatory
  • Non Proportional Treaties
    – Catastrophe excess of loss
    – Risk excess of loss
    – Aggregate stop loss
    – Reinstatement protections
    – Adverse development covers

Our brokers travel widely and regularly around the world to keep in touch with clients and to ensure their specific needs are understood and met.

Peter Talbot, Director