Trading Update

RFIB Group and its other broking subsidiaries experienced a powerful performance in 2018 with substantial revenue growth in its core brokerage operations and a significant increase in margins and profitability.

Normalised EBITDA surged from £6.2M in 2017 to £9.3M in 2018, reflecting year-over-year growth of 50%. The business benefited significantly from steady growth in its Marine and Reinsurance business, the expansion of its Global Risk business in targeted classes and the continued development of its international operations. Margins improved through leveraging of underlying fixed cost infrastructure and on-going investments in people and IT. Moreover RFIB continues to strengthen its offering to clients and markets.

Team expansion to support growth
Through new hires and international investments, RFIB continues to evolve to meet the needs of its clients and maintain its position as a leading specialty broker. High-quality, well-regarded industry practitioners have joined the RFIB team including Kevin Stratton, who manages RFIB’s Specialty operations,

and Elizabeth Jenkin, who manages our newly formed Client Solutions team. Geographically we have expanded into Asia Pacific, leading local production and enabling the placement of difficult risks in the best market regardless of geography.

Market focus on specialist solutions
RFIB is focused on markets that are specialist in nature where technical expertise, coverage depth and carrier relationships can be brought to bear in addressing complex market and coverage needs.Being truly independent, with highly experienced personnel, a reputation for integrity and innovation, extensive placement capabilities, and a track record of execution, RFIB continues to deliver successfully on its value proposition worldwide.In 2020 we look forward to celebrating 40 years supporting clients and markets.