International Treaty Reinsurance

Our International treaty team has extensive experience of handling all forms of obligatory reinsurance for Clients around the globe.

We are able to use our knowledge of local and international markets together with our analytic capabilities to advise clients from start ups to multi national insurers, on their Reinsurance requirements, helping them to design, structure and place the optimum Reinsurance Treaty arrangements to provide capacity, give balance sheet protection, and comply with solvency or other regulatory legislation.

With marketing teams in London, Middle East, South East Asia and Bermuda we are able to seek the most cost effective solutions across a broad range of classes and products including;

  • Property, Casualty including Motor, Accident & Health
  • Proportional Treaty
  • Per Risk and Catastrophe Excess of Loss
  • Aggregate and Stop Loss
  • Reinstatement Covers
  • Traditional and Non traditional methodologies.
  • Regional Retro

Your Key Contacts

Peter Talbot



Duncan MacKenzie

Divisional Director