Marine Treaty Reinsurance

Understanding the needs of reinsurance buyers is our strength.

As specialist treaty brokers with a focus on Marine, Aviation and Transportation business we provide a full broking service with emphasis on programme structure and design, risk placement and claims servicing.

Based in London we have access to the world’s reinsurance markets. We work with all of the major and regional reinsurance markets to ensure that our clients access the most suitable, competitive and secure reinsurers available.

Our primary focus is the protection of portfolios that include Marine Hull and Liability, Cargo and associated Cargo Liability, Specie, Energy, General Aviation and Rolling Stock.

RFIB’s Marine Treaty team is the right choice to answer and deal with your reinsurance needs, providing prompt, accessible and efficient reinsurance services that will allow you to trade and maximise the opportunities available to you.


  • All forms of reinsurance
  • Excess of Loss – Risk and Catastrophe
  • Proportional Treaty – Quota Share and Surplus
  • Stop Loss
  • Reporters and Fac Obligs
  • Modelling

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Mark Robinson


Marine Treaty Reinsurance

Simon Foreman

Divisional Director

Marine Treaty Reinsurance