Ports & Terminals

RFIB can arrange Multi-sectional Port and Terminal Insurance across both marine and shore-based interests using the specialist wordings issued by the major international insurers.

Our ‘one stop’ shop approach has been formulated to meet industry demands and has led to us establishing a specialist Port Industry Unit comprising a professional and highly skilled team that offer a complete broking service from risk assessment to fast claims payout.

This makes life easier for clients who also benefit from our long-term, and possibly unrivalled, relationships and links with the renowned London market

  • Liability
    – Care, Custody and Control of cargo
    – Removal of Wreck & Debris
    – Third Party Death/Bodily Injury
    – Liabilities to Authorities
  • All Risks for Port/Terminal Property
  • All Risks for Port/Terminal Handling Equipment
  • Business Interruption

Extensions available

  • Liability
    – Wrongful Delivery of Cargo
    – Infringement of Personal Rights
    – Fire
    – Fines and Duty
    – Advice and Information
  • All Risks for Property/Handling Equipment
    – Earthquake
  • All Risks on Port/Terminal Craft

Your Key Contacts

Martyn Lassman


Liability, Ports & Terminals

Jake Barden

Associate Divisional Director

Liability, Ports & Terminals