RFIB Advisory

With the global adoption of Risk Based Capital (RBC), companies are required to demonstrate both internally and externally their ability to understand the risks they maintain and also determine to what extent and how those risks should be mitigated. On occasion, it is necessary to search for a solution outside of the traditional reinsurance sphere.

RFIB Advisory, incorporating Analytics and Reinsurance, works to understand our clients’ individual requirements and consequently provide them with those bespoke risk transfer solutions which best meet their needs. We maintain strong relationships with ILS funds and capital markets and continuously develop new product lines, structures and partnerships to enhance our spectrum of services. Our expertise is fully integrated in the core Advisory team and ensures we can offer the best advice to our clients at all times.

We model all property and casualty lines of business providing both traditional and non-traditional covers, including capital market solutions, within the following types of analyses:

  • Reinsurance evaluation and optimisation
  • Technical vs Market Price comparisons
  • Economic capital evaluation & allocation
  • Return on Risk-Adjusted Capital (RORAC)
  • Demonstration of Risk Transfer
  • Multi-Year, Multi-Line covers
  • Asset Liability Modelling (ALM)


By means of sophisticated stochastic simulation and analyses using the industry’s leading-edge tools, we are able to quantify both the economic benefits and costs to the client of any risk transfer solution. Model results are presented through informative exhibits providing critical information on those variables which drive our clients’ business and allow for informed decision-making.

RFIB Advisory empowers its clients to:

  • Truly understand the risks they are facing and the drivers behind those risks
  • Compare various reinsurance options and determine their effectiveness, or otherwise
  • Access structures/protection via alternative methods of risk transfer including capital market
  • Present the reinsurance analysis as part of its Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Process
  • Incorporate the modelling, results and conclusions of the reinsurance analysis within their ERM process and ORSA, as required under various solvency directives

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Hugo Chelton

Managing Director